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Michael Tschuggnall - Tears of Happiness


"Michael Tschuggnall singt "Tears of Happiness" im Finale der 1.Staffel von Starmania."
(Michael Tschuggnall sang "Tears of Happiness"
the final round in a Austrian program named Starmania. )

I knew Michael Tschuggnall accidentally from Airi,when I surfed her blog and found him!
The moment I listened to the song,I couldn't never forget Michael's tender voice.
Though I've known him for a long time,I thought of this song again this afternoon.
Thus,just share the beautiful song and the charming voice with you!
Hope you like it!;)

Michael Tschuggnall在一個奧地利的選秀節目Starmania所唱的一首歌"Tears of Happiness"("幸福的眼淚"之類的翻譯@@").
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Daisy's Musical World

daisyhayes 發表在 痞客邦 留言(5) 人氣()

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  • THwhatever
  • i can't watch the video :(
    interesting that the show is also
    called starmania...reminds me of the
    musical everytime i see that name :P
  • sorry...><
    i know this video is hard to open...you've to wait some minutes.
    if it says this video is unavailable,you can try to restart it.
    sometimes the videos from youtube are so strange....difficult to open....
    i've post the video again and add its web address.
    if you still can't watch it,just click the web address directly.

    i love this song so much!
    hope u enjoy it!!;)
    (though you've to wait some minutes...^^")

    daisyhayes 於 2008/05/02 23:45 回覆

  • THwhatever
  • oh nice, i can watch it now :D
    i know, YouTube's been super unstable

    he's another dreamy guy from german-
    speaking country other than Lukas lol
    and he sang U2 & Backstreet Boy's
    songs...wooo~that brings back a lot
    of good old memories!! :D

    p.s. i lov...(no just kiddin' :P)
    what i want to p.s. about is that we
    don't get to see too many dreamy guys
    from France, except for C lol
  • do u like the song?
    in deed!!
    just cyril!!
    but i think gregary is also a cute guy!!but he's gone one year....><

    daisyhayes 於 2008/05/04 00:52 回覆

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