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♫ 02/23-02/24,瘋戲樂工作室X天作之合劇場,音樂劇搞什麼實境秀? 【給我一個音樂執導!】,城市舞台。
♫ 04/27-04/28,皮繩愉虐邦劇團,BDSM音樂劇【禁羈社群】,台北納豆劇場。<尚未售票>
♫ 05/10-05/12,刺點創作工坊,音樂劇【幕後傳奇-苦魯人生】3.0版,水源劇場。
♫ 05/24-05/26,四喜坊劇集,音樂劇【安全降落 Bedore Landing】,高雄正港小劇場。
♫ 08/22-08/25,雨音製作委員會,音樂劇【雨港基隆】,基隆文化中心演藝廳。<尚未售票>
♫ 08/23-09/08,阮劇團 ,台語音樂劇【嫁妝一牛車】,水源劇場。<尚未售票>


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La petite fille,Emilie,c'est qui?

C'est la fille de professeur de français dans Shida.

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Ton anniversaire c'est quand?

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Last Friday was the last day when Roxane taught us.
Since she was going to do budget travelling in China "trois mois"(three months) on "août trente"(August 30th),she had to prepare something before that day.
Accordingly,she could only teach us until "août vingt-cinq"(August 25th).
On that day,she prepared "cinq" gifts to us.

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I've learned French around two weeks,and I think it's interesting.
Although I'm not familiar with it yet,I've already been accustomed to it.
For instance,when I get off the bus,I will say "Thank you" in Chinese to the driver.
However,after learning French,whenever I get off the bus,the first word I think of is not "Thank you" or "謝謝",but "Merci"!

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It was the first day when I went to Eumeia to learn French(le français).
I spent a lot of time to arrive there.
Just...just because I lost my way AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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