These days,I've stayed in Ilan,my maternal grandmother's home. I still didn't finish doing my homework but just foolled around.
My cousin let me watch some Korean and Japanese teleplays. The first teleplay I saw is Stairway to Heaven. In the beginning,I'd like to watch Harry Potter,in fact. But,my cousin said Stairway to Heaven is better than Harry Potter and she played the former with a little force. In this way,I had to watch the Korean teleplay first.
I think Stairway to Heaven is an extremely "hesitant" teleplay! Why? Because I really wanted to beat all of the people and tie them together as I watched it. All of the main characters always like to contemplate countless things and hesitate for a long time. The male leading role named Che Cheng-Chun(車誠俊) and the female leading role named Han Ching-Shu(韓靜書). However,as Han Ching-Shu lost her memory thanks to the car accident caused by her sister -in-low,she was named Chin Chih-Hsiu(金智秀).
Her brother-in-low fell in love with her due to her thoughtful behavior,and eventually committed suicide for her eyes. I conside her brother-in-low a miserable character for he did all the things for the female main character and even killed himself for her but he could never own her love. Her brother-in-low is good at drawing. When the rogues compelled him to draw fake paintings,he never succumbed to them. Nonetheless,he yielded to them as he knew that Ching-Shu had to undergo operation. He did everything for her but got nothing eventually. He even had to take her to the other man she loves. How wretched he was!

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