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目前分類:Lukas Perman (14)

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之前有說過,以主演奧地利德語音樂劇「Romeo und Julia」(羅密歐與茱麗葉)以及「Tanz der Vampire」(吸血鬼之舞)聞名的Lukas Perman&Marjan Shaki一起發行專輯,兩人以「Marjan und Lukas」為名,在今年3月16日發行了首張德語流行樂專輯「Luft und Liebe」(直譯:空氣與愛)。

Marjan und Lukas首波主打歌:'Luft und Liebe'(空氣與愛)

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24 小時

歌手 Lukas Perman

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My unmatched Roméo--Lukas Perman sang the song "Liebe"(means "Love" in English) with Marjan Shaki on Starnacht in 2005.

I've recognized Lukas around one year.

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(See! How CUTE my dear Lukas is! >///<)

German musical "Elisabeth" is going to perform in Japan!

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(→Lukas' first topless picture. Don't you think he is the sexiest man under the sun?)

I always view my dear Lukas as a cute and charming man;however,I knew how sexy he was last night!

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A special day for German musical field.
Lukas Permanschlager's(abbr. as Lukas Perman) birthday.
My dear Lukas has already 26 years old from now on.

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I've been knowing that Lukas has released a single CD:When The Evening Falls in 2003,which is released earlier than Hier im Jetzt.
There are three songs in this single CD:
1.When The Evening Falls
2.Chains of Yesterday

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(↑Lukas' album:Hier im Jetzt cover)

Lukas Perman—Hier im Jetzt

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(↑Lukas' single CD:24 stunden cover)
I've planned to translate Lukas Perman's album:Hier im Jetzt for a long time,but I haven't done it since I think I sould finish RJ first.
This morning,I saw Su's message;she requested me to post the translation of topics of Hier im Jetzt.

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Recently,I have been having a crash on an enchanting man,Lukas Perman!

My Lukas acts as Romeo in the musical,Romeo und Julia Austrian version,with Marjan Shaki.(her name is first written in my Web log because...she is no the point.)

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