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♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇離婚事務所第11屆台北藝穗節,8/4-8/11,艋舺龍山文創B2-展演廳。
♫ 韓國原創音樂劇【光的來信】(팬레터),08/17-08/19,臺中國家歌劇院。

♫ 法語音樂劇【搖滾莫札特】(Mozart l'Opera Rock),10/11-10/21,台北和平籃球館。
♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇【茉娘,12/21-12/23,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。<尚未售票>

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Before I was crazy for Cyril,I'd never thought that one day I would join in a fans meeting.
This August was my first time to take part in such kind of meeting!
It was really an unfadable memory for all of us,I believed!
Today,I went to a fans meeting at SkyLark with the other Cyrilmaniacs to celebrate his birthday.

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When I first time got my dear Cyril's comment,I felt surprised and ecstatic!
It was really wonderful that he actually replied me!!!
Second time,to tell the truth,I was a little shocked since I'd never thought of this before.
One sweet comment had already made me satisfied,so for the second one,I felt extremely excited!!!

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So incredible!!!
Cyril actually posted a comment for me  today!!

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This is from Cyril's web:
Will this be the cover of Cyril's album?

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