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♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇離婚事務所第11屆台北藝穗節,8/4-8/11,艋舺龍山文創B2-展演廳。
♫ 韓國原創音樂劇【光的來信】(팬레터),08/17-08/19,臺中國家歌劇院。

♫ 法語音樂劇【搖滾莫札特】(Mozart l'Opera Rock),10/11-10/21,台北和平籃球館。
♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇【茉娘,12/21-12/23,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。<尚未售票>

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News:音樂劇小天王江翊睿 盼父親坐台下看他演出

中時電子報 2007/11/18 03:49 記者 林采韻/專訪

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LPC: I Will Be Loved Tonight

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Off Broadway "I Love You,You're Perfect,Now Change.",so-called "LPC"(Love/Perfect/Change).
Originally,I had no idea about this musical since I'd never noticed any musicals performed by our nationals.^^"
Betty asked if I'd like to see this musical with her some weeks ago,but as I knew it was performed by Taiwanese,I thought it was performed in Chinese.
Last week,I searched this musical and found out that it was performed in English and that the songs were tuneful!!!How amazing!!!

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It was the first time I went to Jay's concert.
Shasha was extremely crazy for Jay so that she desired to go to this concert;thus,I accompanied her.
It was truly a brilliant concert with various shows and countless tuneful songs!
However,since I've to continue preparing my midterm,let's take a look at Jay's repertoire:

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Jay Chou and Vincent Fang(方文山) are so excellent that I can't but give them rapturous applause!!!
It is truly a tremendous joint effort between Jay Chou and Vincent Fang!!!
Today,Shasha bought Jay's lastest album "I'm Busy",and I took a look at the lyrics.
Once again,I felt how brilliant Jay Chou and Vincent Fang were!!!

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I got my "Kings of the World" this afternoon!:))))
Thank you so much!Doreen!Allow you to stay in my bed one more night!XDD
Practically,I already had the song "These are My Rivers" before.

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