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♫ 陳家聲工作室,舞台劇【阿北】,11/16-12/02,中壢五號倉庫藝文基地。
♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇【茉娘,12/20-12/23,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。
♫ W Production,音樂劇【關於那些愛情場景......】,01/04-01/06,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。<尚未售票>

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還珠格格III(Pearl Princess III)--天上人間會相逢


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My unmatched Roméo--Lukas Perman sang the song "Liebe"(means "Love" in English) with Marjan Shaki on Starnacht in 2005.

I've recognized Lukas around one year.

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[One Million Star超級星光大道] Lin,Yu-chia林宥嘉--The Woman I Love我愛的人
This is 林宥嘉(Lin,Yu-chia),my favorite singer in the program 超級星光大道(One Million Star).
Actually,I thought his voice was common originally;however,the moment listening to this song,I was deeply attracted by his voice and the emotion he released.
He is such a superb singer,so does 楊宗緯(Yang,Tsung-wei),許仁杰(Hsu,Jen-chieh),et al.

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(→This picture is from an on-line auctioneer "tristan_isoldee".

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A sorrowful report from France.
N.B. This article is from "20minutes.fr":

(Gregory,may your soul rest in heaven....)

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(→The always cute French singer--Grégory Lemarchal)

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