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♫ 陳家聲工作室,舞台劇【阿北】,11/16-12/02,中壢五號倉庫藝文基地。
♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇【茉娘,12/20-12/23,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。
♫ W Production,音樂劇【關於那些愛情場景......】,01/04-01/06,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。<尚未售票>

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(→Emmanuel Moire roles as Louis XIV. His eyes are very sexy,don't you think so?)

(→Main characters in Le Roi Soleil)

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Bonnie,a Canadian,was my second KJ teacher.
Karel let me be more confident of English,and Bonnie let me feel more interested in English.
By the way,Karel was my first KJ teacher and my first foreign teacher.
Bonnie liked to say good morning with full energy to us to start each class,and then she would let us do a lot of practice.

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