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♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇離婚事務所第11屆台北藝穗節,8/4-8/11,艋舺龍山文創B2-展演廳。
♫ 韓國原創音樂劇【光的來信】(팬레터),08/17-08/19,臺中國家歌劇院。

♫ 法語音樂劇【搖滾莫札特】(Mozart l'Opera Rock),10/11-10/21,台北和平籃球館。
♫ A劇團,阿卡貝拉音樂劇【茉娘,12/21-12/23,松山文創園區LAB創意實驗室。<尚未售票>

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Last Friday was the last day when Roxane taught us.
Since she was going to do budget travelling in China "trois mois"(three months) on "août trente"(August 30th),she had to prepare something before that day.
Accordingly,she could only teach us until "août vingt-cinq"(August 25th).
On that day,she prepared "cinq" gifts to us.

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I've learned French around two weeks,and I think it's interesting.
Although I'm not familiar with it yet,I've already been accustomed to it.
For instance,when I get off the bus,I will say "Thank you" in Chinese to the driver.
However,after learning French,whenever I get off the bus,the first word I think of is not "Thank you" or "謝謝",but "Merci"!

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Time:Wednesday,Auguest 9th,2006.
Place:Class 301 in KOJEN Tai Ta School
Members:all cute classmates + a capable teacher Bonnie of class A3
Teams:Taipei Shark V.S. Taipei Dolphin

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It was the first day when I went to Eumeia to learn French(le français).
I spent a lot of time to arrive there.
Just...just because I lost my way AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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I've been knowing that Lukas has released a single CD:When The Evening Falls in 2003,which is released earlier than Hier im Jetzt.
There are three songs in this single CD:
1.When The Evening Falls
2.Chains of Yesterday

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Yesterday,after class,I asked Bonnie what the difference between to begin with and in the beginning was.
Bonnine replied that they were different in "tense".

EX1:To begin with,I will be punished if I come home after curfew.

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(↑Lukas' album:Hier im Jetzt cover)

Lukas Perman—Hier im Jetzt

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(↑Lukas' single CD:24 stunden cover)
I've planned to translate Lukas Perman's album:Hier im Jetzt for a long time,but I haven't done it since I think I sould finish RJ first.
This morning,I saw Su's message;she requested me to post the translation of topics of Hier im Jetzt.

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